Season 2: Episode 1 Ned Wynkoop

If you've ever been to downtown Denver, you might have run across Wynkoop Street or even had a beer at the Wynkoop brewery. In this episode of the Delve Denver Podcast, Jeff Johnsen explores the person behind the name.

Edward "Ned" Wynkoop is an interesting figure in Denver's history and his story and life makes him a Denver peacemaker.

Camp Weld Council, September 28th, 1864. Standing L-R: Unidentified, Dexter Colley (son of Agent Samuel Colley), John S. Smith, Heap of Buffalo, Bosse, Sheriff Amos Steck, Unidentified soldier. Seated L-R: White Antelope, Neva, Black Kettle, Bull Bear, Na-ta-Nee (Knock Knee). Kneeling L-R: Major Edward W. Wynkoop, Captain Silas Soule.

Season 2, Episode 1 – An Introduction to Peacemaking

In Delve Denver Podcast's second season we will be exploring the idea of peacemaking in Denver through the lens of some historical figures who, despite their own flaws and shortcomings, embodied the role of peacemaker in the city. In this episode, Jeff introduces his thoughts on peacemaking and what makes a peacemaker as context for the profiles that will be coming. 

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Ep. 11 Our Season 1 Wrap Up

This first season of the Delve Denver Podcast has been a lot of fun. We're working on the content for Season 2. Stay tuned for new episodes.

In today's episode, we look back on the last few months of recording conversations and seeking to uncover the soul of Denver by looking at its people, places, history and ideas. We hope you've enjoyed listening. 

In our conversation today, Jeff talks about some of his favorite podcasts. Here are the links to those:

Remembering Tomorrow with Robert Gelinas

Faith Circus with Kathy Escobar and Karl Wheeler

Changing Denver with Paul Karyoli

City as Playground with Dave Hillis of Leadership Foundations

On Being with Krista Tippet

Episode 10 Camp Weld: Marking (and hiding from) Denver’s Past

There is an historical marker in a funky little corner of the city that marks an old military base from Denver’s earliest days. The marker is difficult to find, almost as though we both wish to remember what happened here…and wish we could forget it. In this episode of the podcast, host Jeff Johnsen takes us to Camp Weld.

Historical Marker at Camp Weld

Special thanks to the website Across the Creek for the images. Read more about the history of Camp Weld at: Link

The Broncos Are Going to the Super Bowl!

Brian, Delve Denver Poscast's Producer here...

The other day Jeff sat down to interview our friend Dave Runyon, whose work with City Unite is vital and important. We'll be posting a really wonderful conversation with him in a couple of weeks, but before Jeff and Dave could get to that, they had to get they're excitement about the Denver Bronco's win on Sunday out of their system. I was recording the whole time, so here's a fun follow up to one of the first conversations we recorded (The Trujillo Brothers at Sports Authority Field).

Please enjoy this fun conversation and GO BRONCOS!!!!!

Ep. 7.3 Greg and Karen Mortimer – I Don’t Get to See Some of My Neighbors Anymore

This is part three of my conversation with Karen and Greg Mortimer, who moved to Denver's East Side in 2004, when most of the neighbors were Black and Latino. They've seen dramatic changes on their block over these 12 years. In this episode, they reflect on gentrification and race, which are not easy topics for people to discuss - especially when they are being recorded! You'll understand the Mortimer's perspective better if you have already listened to their story in the two previous parts of our conversation.

Episode 7.1 A Church Committed to its Community

This is part 1 of my conversation with Karen and Greg Mortimer, my neighbors on Denver’s East Side. As we sat down to talk about their changing neighborhood, we started by sharing memories of a church we had all attended, just a couple blocks from their house. Jubilee Church was one of those remarkable experiences that we might continue learning from for many years. In a moment in which America has a renewed awareness of how race and social class shape our life experience, what difference does it make who we go to church with? In the next two episodes, the Mortimers will continue to reflect on issues like race, immigration, gentrification, and what they’ve learned about loving their neighbors.