Season 2 Episode 6: Faith Leaders During the 1893 Depression Part 1

Denver is a boom and bust town. Today's episode features two faith leaders from one of Denver's bust periods. Rev Thomas Uzzell (the Fighting Parson) led the People's Tabernacle in Downtown Denver. He was a fierce advocate for the marginalized. He invited many leaders to speak in his pulpit including Rev. Myron Reed of 1st Congregational Church. They forged a bond that led to both good work and an expression of Social Gospel theology to take root in Denver. 

An interesting reflection on his life by Rev. Uzzell's nephew can be found here.

Also worth noting is that a simple Google search of Rev. Myron Reed's name will come back with a lot of citations by United Way chapters around the country. Along with several others, Rev. Reed helped to launch the first campaign that would eventually turn into the United Way.

Check out Jeff Johnsen's depiction of these two characters and get ready for a third, even more intriguing religious figure, coming up next time on the Delve Denver Podcast.

Photos (from top to bottom): People's Tabernacle, Tom Uzzell's Gravestone, Rev. Myron Reed

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