Season 2: Episode 1 Ned Wynkoop

If you've ever been to downtown Denver, you might have run across Wynkoop Street or even had a beer at the Wynkoop brewery. In this episode of the Delve Denver Podcast, Jeff Johnsen explores the person behind the name.

Edward "Ned" Wynkoop is an interesting figure in Denver's history and his story and life makes him a Denver peacemaker.

Camp Weld Council, September 28th, 1864. Standing L-R: Unidentified, Dexter Colley (son of Agent Samuel Colley), John S. Smith, Heap of Buffalo, Bosse, Sheriff Amos Steck, Unidentified soldier. Seated L-R: White Antelope, Neva, Black Kettle, Bull Bear, Na-ta-Nee (Knock Knee). Kneeling L-R: Major Edward W. Wynkoop, Captain Silas Soule.

Season 2, Episode 1 – An Introduction to Peacemaking

In Delve Denver Podcast's second season we will be exploring the idea of peacemaking in Denver through the lens of some historical figures who, despite their own flaws and shortcomings, embodied the role of peacemaker in the city. In this episode, Jeff introduces his thoughts on peacemaking and what makes a peacemaker as context for the profiles that will be coming. 

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