Episode 7.1 A Church Committed to its Community

This is part 1 of my conversation with Karen and Greg Mortimer, my neighbors on Denver’s East Side. As we sat down to talk about their changing neighborhood, we started by sharing memories of a church we had all attended, just a couple blocks from their house. Jubilee Church was one of those remarkable experiences that we might continue learning from for many years. In a moment in which America has a renewed awareness of how race and social class shape our life experience, what difference does it make who we go to church with? In the next two episodes, the Mortimers will continue to reflect on issues like race, immigration, gentrification, and what they’ve learned about loving their neighbors.

Episodes 6 & 6.5 John Hicks at Network Coffee House

Episode 6 John Hicks at Network Coffee House Pt. 1

Episode 6.5 John Hicks at Network Coffee House Pt. 2

John Hicks has been a friend of the homeless on Denver's Capital Hill for more than three decades. Not only does run a coffee house for chronically homeless men and women, he's a pastor and a sage. Listen to Jeff's interview with him and Ryan Taylor, John's successor at Network recorded this fall.
Jeff Johnsen (left) interview John Hicks at Network Coffee House