Episode 5 Denver’s Anti-Chinese Riots

In this episode, Jeff Johnsen leads you on a tour of downtown Denver to tell the story of the Anti-Chinese Riots that occurred on October 31, 1880. This episode in Denver's history was a microcosm of a larger conversation taking place in the U.S. around this time. Come on this tour of downtown and explore a little-known part of Denver history.
Coverage of the Anti-Chinese Riots from a 1965 edition of the Colorado Magazine

Episode 4: Imam Ali at the Northeast Denver Islamic Center

The congregation at the Northeast Denver Islamic Center has been working to address issues related to poverty in their community for decades, particulary the HIV/AIDS crisis. In this episode, Jeff Johnsen sits down with Imam Abdur-Rahim Ali to talk about the way in which their work is rooted in their Islamic faith. For more information about the Northeast Denver Islamic center, visit their website at: www.http://northeastdenverislamiccenter.com/

Episode 3: The Trujillo Brothers at Sports Authority Field

The Denver Broncos are more than just a football team. For many in Denver, the team is a symbol of Denver. Their triumphs are our triumphs, their failures are our failures. In this episode, Jeff Johnsen sits down with two Broncos superfans: Vince and Jesse Trujillo. The conversation is more than just a recounting of memorable wins and losses, it demonstrates the many parallels that our lives hold with a team whose presence looms large in our city. A big thanks goes out to the Denver Broncos organization who graciously allowed us to record in one of their suites just a few days before the 2015/2016 season began.
Here's a video of the famous "Helicopter Play" by John Elway that the guys spoke about.

Episode 2: Remembering Denver’s Carolyn Finnell

Carolyn Finnell was an activist in Denver who passion and advocacy led to the advancement or rights for the disability community in our city and around the country. Carolyn passed away several years ago, but we had the chance to sit down with two of her very good friends to talk about her life, her work and her joy. Randy Milliken worked alongside Carolyn in TRYAD (To Reconcile You Able-Bodied and Disabled) to both build community and advocate for disability rights. TRYAD's website can be found at: http://www.odmdenver.org/ministries/tryad. Jim Cessna was Carolyn's pastor and walked with her through life's ups and downs.
Carolyn Finnell (middle) and Randy Milliken (right) enjoy time with a friend at TRYAD.

Episode 1: Bob and Eddie Mae Woolfolk in Five Points

For nearly 40 years, a couple has quietly been transforming their neighborhood through a ministry of hope and love. At Agape Christian Church at 25th and California, love is embodied in programs, ministries and relationships that are too numerous to list. In this first episode of the Delve Denver Podcast, Jeff Johnsen sits down for a conversation with Bob and Eddie Mae Woolfolk, a couple whose patient persistence and incarnational presence has made the difference in the lives of thousands of individuals and families. See pictures of the church and our visit there on the right. Agape Christian Church's webiste is at: http://www.agapechristianchurch.org

Intro Email

Welcome! Dear Friends, I love Denver. This has been my home for over 30 years and I have had the joy and privilege to know its people, places and history. In my role as Executive Director of Mile High Ministries, I have worked alongside some of our city’s most faithful and creative people, many of whom live and serve in vulnerable or over-looked parts of the city. I am excited to share with you a project that I have been working on for a couple of years now. The Delve Denver Podcast is an exploration of what makes the soul of our city. Every city is distinct. Every city has an essence that makes it its own place. I’m hoping to delve into the “spirit” or essence of Denver through conversations about Denver’s people, places, history and ideas. We’ll explore our city through the stories of people who are working to make this a better city for all people to live in. I hope that you will join me in this journey by tuning into our podcast which will launch in mid-November. I’ve already had a chance to speak with some of my favorite Denverites about their work, about their passions, and about what Denver means to them. We’ve put together a small teaser episode of the Delve Denver Podcast for you to sample. You can stream it by clicking here or the play icon on the right, or by visiting delvedenver.org and clicking on the first post. Please take a moment to “like” our new Delve Denver Facebook page and even subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. I’m thankful for this chance to explore our city and I hope you will come along on the journey with us. Peace, Jeff Johnsen